International Primate Day

Founded by ADI, International Primate Day is a day on which the global threats to primates are highlighted, specifically those in laboratories and entertainment, and those taken for bushmeat and the pet trade. Across the world, in universities, contract research establishments and pharmaceutical companies, primates are being used and abused in the name of scientific progress.

By donating to our primate campaigns, you enable us to be their voice. Thank you.




Animal Defenders International (ADI)

ADI has conducted undercover investigations into laboratories and exposed what happens to the animals, how they live and how they die. This abuse and torment is published to the world as scientific progress, with the excuse that it is needed to save human lives.

Our investigations, our campaigns to change the world for animals, and our rescues of animals like Tilin & Tina the rescue baboons, or the three laboratory monkeys, are not possible without your support.

Your donation enables us to:

  • Continue undercover investigations
  • Campaign to end the use of primates in research
  • Rescue, relocate and rehabilitate abused and suffering primates
  • Produce scientific reports and technical briefings in multiple languages for politicians
  • Produce campaigning materials for the public
  • Fund cutting edge scientific humane research

Thank you for everything that you do to make a difference for animals.