Victory in Peru

In 2007, ADI launched its Stop Circus Suffering campaign in Peru.  Our team drafted legislation, met with several members of the Peruvian Congress and mobilized our supporters to send postcards and letters to their representatives.

Peru has now become the second country in South America to take national steps to stop the suffering of animals in circuses, following the ban in Bolivia. With your help the ban on the use of animals in entertainment can be achieved around the world.

Animal Defenders International (ADI)

  • We rescue suffering animals
  • We expose animal cruelty
  • We work internationally for animal protection
  • We create awareness and educate

ADI’s campaigns seek to educate and create public awareness on issues such as the use of animals in entertainment and the use of animals in experiments, amongst others.

To achieve lasting change, ADI lobbies national and regional governments as well as international institutions, to secure measures to protect animals and the environment. ADI drafts legislation, prepares briefings and meets key decision makers to influence legislation to protect animals. All of our campaigns are specifically targeted for each country with due consideration of the local language and culture. Our campaigning materials have been produced in over 10 languages.

ADI has representatives in many countries and works with partner organisations all over the world to achieve these objectives. Our campaign Stop Circus Suffering is active in over 10 countries in Europe, North America and South America.

We urgently need your help to keep working on behalf of the animals.  Please give whatever you can.