Case study

In 2005, ADI conducted an undercover investigation into South American circuses that spanned the continent.  A year later, we launched our Stop Circus Suffering campaign in Bolivia, and in 2009, after ADI's successful campaign, Bolivia approved the first national law to ban the use of all animals in circuses.

We have recently rehomed the first of the Bolivian ex-circus animals to an incredible new enclosure in California, where ADI will fund their care for the rest of their lives. 

Our Stop Circus Suffering campaign is now active in the USA.

Animal Defenders International (ADI)

  • We rescue suffering animals
  • We expose animal cruelty
  • We work internationally for animal protection
  • We create awareness and educate
We take an holistic, self-sufficient approach to achieving long term protection for animals. We are unique in that we can take a project all the way from a deep undercover investigation, science research, through public awareness drives and to drafting and securing legislative protection for animals.

Our animal rescue work focuses on the areas in which we are campaigning. The scientific and medical research that we fund through the Lord Dowding Fund dovetails perfectly with our campaigns to end animal experimentation.

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