Case Study: Anne

ADI secured footage over a three and a half week period from a camera observing activity in a barn where the animals are kept when not touring, which shows a staggeringly high level of violence and serious animal husbandry flaws.

Incidents included Anne, an elderly, severely arthritic 57 year old elephant being hit with a metal pitchfork and kicked around the face and body 48 times over the period of observation by workers, who are also seen beating and spitting on a camel and beating miniature ponies and horses on numerous occasions.

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Animal Defenders International (ADI)

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ADI’s specialist team of undercover field officers help reveal the truth behind the scenes to stop animals suffering at the hands of humans. Whether it is in a travelling circus or a primate testing lab, ADI’s team goes deep undercover inside the very institutions that seek to hide their cruelty from the outside world. Across the UK, Europe, the USA and South America, we are working to penetrate labs, circuses and other establishments to expose mistreatment and wrong doing.

Our investigators have witnessed the deaths of thousands of laboratory animals, observed primates being repeatedly drugged and experimented on and seen shocking scenes of repeated violence towards circus animals. Using this evidence, we have been able to open people’s eyes, expose cruelty, punish those involved and help to stop animals suffering all over the world.

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