Snatched from the wild, our rescued bears were from families and the world nature intended for them. The trauma of their terrible past has taken its toll, with Cholita suffering severe hair loss from which she is unlikely to recover – the circus also cut off her fingers and broke off her teeth. Dominga was alone for years and also lost almost all fur due to stress. Lucho and Sabina were rescued by ADI in a dawn raid on a small illegal zoo where they were kept in tiny enclosures.

Please help!

We cannot undo the terrible suffering that spectacled bears Dominga, Cholita, Lucho and Sabina endured in the past but with your help ADI can provide them with the ongoing care they need, in a safe and secure environment as close to nature as possible.

All of our bears were illegally snatched from the wild as babies – your donation help gives them back the life that was stolen from them. For years there was nowhere for them until ADI built a series of habitats for them at a sanctuary on the edge of their natural habitat. We took the bears home and need your help to look after them.

·         $10 helps provide a day’s care for a rescued bear 

·         $45 goes towards a weekend of care for two bears

·         $80 contributes towards food for a rescued bear for one week

·         $1265 helps feed and care for our four bears for one month


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