Help build a brighter future for Cholita! 

Cholita is an elderly Andean bear, suffering from severe alopecia; where she should have thick, black fur she has none – her body is bald, so she is barely recognizable as an endangered Spectacled bear. 

ADI rescued Cholita in a two-day mission and now we need your help to care for Cholita and build her a forever home in Peru.

ADI was her last and only hope – now safely in our care, we need your help to give her a brighter future!

Cholita was kept illegally by the circus, and so the Peruvian authorities confiscated her and placed her in the zoo until she could be found a permanent home, but no home was found. Cholita’s fingers had been cut down to stumps to remove her claws and her teeth were broken, leaving her defenceless. 

Until ADI came to her rescue, Cholita was alone in a small zoo where the owners knew she should be somewhere better and the authorities agreed, however having looked all over Peru they could not find a home to take her.  

Now safely in our care, Cholita is receiving the specialist care she needs and her health closely monitored ahead of her relocation to her forever home in Peru.

We need your help to raise nearly $80,000 to build her the home she deserves and to fund her future care.

Please help.

We cannot undo the terrible suffering that Cholita has endured in the past but with your help ADI can give Cholita and the other animals we have during Operation Spirit of Freedom a better future.  Please give whatever you can afford. Thank you.

$7 will provide food for Cholita whilst she is at our temporary rescue center

$20 will go towards Cholita's care costs while she is at our temporary rescue center

$50 will help towards Cholita’s travel costs to her forever home in Peru

$100 will help us to build her forever home

$1,500 will sponsor a travel crate to fly a lion home to Africa