As part of ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom we now have 40 monkeys, 4 kinkajous/chosnas and 4 coati mundis in our care.  These animals were torn away from their families to live lives of loneliness in the circus and for the illegal wildlife trade.

ADI wants to send them back to the jungle, to give them a life as close as possible to the one that was denied them.  We are working to build enclosures in the Amazon forest and relocate all of these animals. This is a huge mission and we simply cannot do it without your help.

These monkeys and other animals have suffered terribly, but together we can take them back to the jungle. We urgently need to raise $60,000 for habitat construction and transportation costs.

  • $100 will go towards the construction of the monkeys’ forever homes
  • $50 will assist in transporting our rescued monkeys over 1,000km to their new homes
  • $20 will contribute towards current veterinary care for the animals in our temporary ADI Spirit of Freedom Rescue Center

  • $10 will help us feed and provide toys and enrichment for all the animals in our care

Whatever you can give will help ADI bring these animals one step closer to the jungle. Let’s bring them to their forever homes. DONATE TODAY!