Award-winning TV show host and philanthropist, Bob Barker

To many, elephant rides seen like harmless fun, but elephants pay a heavy price for the few minutes of entertainment they provide when performing in circus shows, giving rides, or making appearances at parades, weddings or other events. It’s certainly no fun for the elephants.


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 In their natural environment, these majestic wild animals would live in large, loyal family groups, constantly moving, traveling for many miles every day. But it is a very different story for those captive elephants being used to entertain people – theirs is a life of deprivation, constantly confined in small spaces and chained to the ground, living in harsh, unnatural conditions.

 Shocking undercover filming by Animal Defenders International has shown the training and handling of elephants used for rides behind the scenes, including beatings with iron bars, bullhooks, and electric shocks with stun guns. Tragically, these are not isolated cases and we need to gather more evidence and produce more educational videos like our video with Bob Barker, to educate the public and elected officials. Using this evidence of the behind-the-scenes suffering, we can persuade county fair boards and organizers of other events, not to use performing elephants for public rides. 

 But this takes money. With your donations, we can send this video to every county fair board and town parade organizer in the US, alerting them to the suffering and urging them to end the rides. 

 Your donation also helps to expose the cruelty. Unless people see the evidence, they cannot believe that people who own or work with these animals would treat them so badly. So we need your help. We can continue our absolutely vital investigations of animal cruelty, and expose the truth, if you can help us.